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Ireland’s National Tech Talent brand

Tech/Life Ireland has a simple but ambitious goal – to position Ireland as the world’s best place to have a great career in tech. A joint initiative of IDA Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and the ICT industry, Tech/Life Ireland is an international marketing campaign that combines rich content, PR and advertising with a leading edge website and social media programme. In just one year it has received over 300,000 visitors from 130 countries – greatly reinforcing Ireland’s reputation as a global Tech hub.

Our goal was to create a brand and content programme ‘By Techies, For Techies’. We conducted extensive qualitative research and testing with this hard-to-reach audience to fully understand their motivations and attitudes. Every communication element – from colour and typography to language and messages – has been specifically designed to appeal to them.

To appeal to a diverse and geographically distributed talent pool, we developed multiple content approaches to work on the website, on social media and at events.

Our ‘Career Snaps’ are innovative video formats that capture Techies’ backgrounds, work lives, technology passions and lifestyles in just twenty seconds. ‘Leaders’ videos profile A-players who’ve come from overseas to work in Irish tech – content that inspires and attracts other leaders in their fields to strongly consider Ireland.

“Atomic DNA have a deep understanding of the mindset of top tech talent. That has meant content and messages that speak to them on their level and really motivate them.”

Karl Flannery, CEO Storm Technology and Chair, Tech/Life Ireland Steering Group – developed with our partner Radical – uses the Indeed API to allow candidates to access an immediate and intuitive job search of Ireland’s tech career opportunities and a variety of other resources to influence techies to make the move to Ireland. Over 15,000 overseas techies subscribe to our email and social channels, and 90% of them say Tech/Life Ireland has helped their relocation decision.

If you are trying to attract overseas tech talent, take the time to get in touch for an initial discussion with our team.

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